Your new website’s gone live…you can forget about it now right?

By June 25, 2014 News No Comments

NO!  Let me reiterate that in a different way…NO NO NO!  We know that writing content for your new website will probably have tested your patience at times but that does not mean that you should now forget about your site.  Every new piece of relevant content you write will help you attract more customers.  Whether you are adding company news, industry incites, new products or recently completed projects each new piece of content will be something else for Google to get its teeth into.  The search engines love websites that regularly update their content but as well as that you will be improving the chances of potential clients reading about something that appeals to them.

Many clients look to create a newsletter to send out on a regular basis to their subscribers and this is always a great way of keeping in contact with interested parties and reminding them that you exist but there are ways to ensure that your newsletter works well for you.  The most important piece of advice we have for you is to refrain from putting everything into your newsletter.  The point is to provide a brief synopsis of whatever the content may be and then direct the user back to your website to read it in full.  With this method you can deliver your content in a more professional way than an email can allow as well as get the reader onto your website where they will no doubt discover more about you than they would from the email.  Finally by writing the content on your website and then linking to it from the email you will have followed the golden rule…

The golden rule is to manage the content on your website ahead of any other medium,be it email, facebook, twitter or any other.  Each of these mediums has its place but the website MUST come first, it is after-all the most likely place for new customers to find out about you and decide whether to make that all important First Contact!