At INDIGO Concept we are working hard towards a more secure web.  All new websites designed by INDIGO Concept will not only provide users with a wonderful browsing experience and generate great leads for our lovely customers but also provide a secure environment within which to browse through the use of SSL certificates.  Ensuring your site is secure will also have the added benefit of giving it a ranking boost in Google’s search results.

INDIGO also provide customer-focused hosting for our web design clients and we can confirm the following:

Servers are monitored and managed by our operations centre 24/7, although due to the current covid-19 pandemic most of our team are working remotely via secure VPN, on company owned and controlled devices. We have a multitude of systems in place that monitor for a variety of security issues including the monitoring, detection and blocking of brute force attacks, as well as real time monitoring of file contents for anything that could be seen as a risk. We also have automated DOS detection at network level, which can re-route traffic through a scrubbing device as required.

Servers backups are performed nightly, encrypted and transferred, via a secured tunnel, to an alternative physical location.  We retain 7 days of backups.  Whilst we don’t give out the exact location of our facilities, everything (including backups) remain within the UK unless requested otherwise by the client.

With that all in mind we hope you can sleep well in the knowledge that INDIGO work hard to protect your website and are well positioned to recover (and quickly) should the worst happen.