Hugh Bonneville's Official Website

In the four years since we last took on a full re-build of Hugh's site so much has changed, not least the fact that Hugh has gone from a domestic actor to a globally famous one!  During that time the web has moved on a lot too and so it was with great pleasure that we took on the re-build of Hugh Bonneville's website.  Thanks to Hugh for always being great fun to work with and here's to the continued success of the both Hugh and his brand new website!

Expertise used for this web project.

  • Branding
  • Illustration
  • Responsive
  • Search Engine Optimised (SEO)

Chocked full of great features

We have worked hard on Hugh’s new site to pack in as many experience improving features as possible.  The vast majority of these new features are based around the user’s interaction with the Past Projects section of the site.  New features such as intelligent searching, scrollable timeline’s and infinite scrolling go towards making the visitor’s experience when browsing through the huge list of projects that Hugh has been involved in since 1987 a truly positive one!

In addition to those features mentioned above, the newly designed website has a layout that makes much more of the available media, be it imagery or video, as well as taking full advantage of the integration options available with a range of social media platforms.

And what did the client think?

From listening to my requirements, through design and building, to providing efficient follow-up support, I’ve been immensely impressed with The Indigo Concept. I now have a website that even an idiot like me can navigate and, even better, I can pretend it was all my own idea. Thank you.

− Hugh Bonneville

Get your Hugh fix wherever you are

Hugh Bonneville’s website has always contained great content but the old site simply did not cope well with being viewed on tablets or smartphones.  Well the new site puts that right!

INDIGO Concept was an early adopter of, and is a specialist in, responsive website design.  Simply put a responsive website first interrogates the device that is being used to view the website and discovers what screen size it has.  Based on this screen size the website then alters its layout to suit that device.  In the case of Hugh’s new website this means that whether you are sitting at home on your desktop/laptop computer or out and about on your mobile the site is easy to use and looks great!

Take me to the finished project

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