Greenkit finally gets the website they deserve

Greenkit are a progressive film lighting company based in London specialising in 'green' lighting.  They offer great solutions but their website was letting them down...until they came across another website designed by INDIGO Concept and decided to get in touch to see if we could and would like to help.  Well, of course, we would!  Working closely with Pat and Sally we have created a responsive website that is so simple to manage that they now have the confidence to do so.  There's no holding them back now... :-)

Expertise used for this web project.

  • Branding
  • Content Managed
  • Lead Generation
  • Product Catalogue
  • Responsive
  • Search Engine Optimised (SEO)

Hits, hits, SEO success story

Whilst the old site had many faults, including tricky navigation, one of the main problemswas that it was that it performed very poorly in the search engines.  With this very much at the forefront of our minds we set about designing (as we always do) a new site that would not only look good and be simple to navigate but also perform well in Google (other search engines are available…).  Well we’re with just over a month since the new site went live the results are in…. Visitors have increased by over 158% and the number of new sessions is up by 50% too!  A great success for a new site on a brand new domain.

And what did the client think?

INDIGO Concept has just made a shiny new website for our film lighting rental company Greenkit. They are endlessly patient, very creative and totally professional in their approach. They really took time to understand our business and have come up with a really smart, responsive solution to our brief.

− Sally McEnallay, Greenkit Film Lighting

Intelligent, responsive design at no extra cost!

Every website we design is built to be responsive from the ground up, and Greenkit’s new website is no exception.  Responsive design means that the website will intelligently alter its layout to suit the screen size available.  In short, it will look great on desktop computers, tablets, smartphones and more.

In addition to being responsive Greenkit’s new website includes great features such as ‘Click-to-call’ phone numbers, fully integrated social media sharing options (utilising native apps where applicable) and a bespoke website enquiry management tool to simplify Greenkit’s management of website leads.  A great site to work on and a delightful company to work with too!

Take me to the finished project

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