Well what a great project to work on!  When a client is open to new ideas and is actively engaged with the project from the start then great things will always follow.  Brightside's website was looking tired and the brand was beginning to as well.  INDIGO Concept met with Georgina, the founder of Brightside, listened carefully to the brief and put forward some new ideas.  Working with our chief designer we came up with a new look for the company and brand new website to match.  Not only that, we commissioned a series of videos to be used on the website and other media outlets.

Expertise used for this web project.

  • Branding
  • Content Managed
  • Responsive
  • Video

The evolution of a brand...

It can be difficult to accept that your company’s brand could do with a refresh but, given a sensitive and understanding approach to the design, it can have wonderful results.

Over a series of meetings we got to know how Georgina works, her approach to her work and how the company needed to be perceived.  Armed with this information we let our chief designer loose on the brand and, with Georgina’s input came up with a modern, fresh new look for Brightside that remained true to the values and approach of the company.

And what did the client think?

When the INDIGO Concept and I first began a conversation about creating a new website I was, like many no doubt, daunted, but their tenacity, patience, good humour and most important of all, their expertise, won me over. Before long they had engaged my assistant and me in a creative endeavour which, as we embraced their ideas and ran with them, became a journey full of fun, joy even, and unexpected turns which led to lots of new ideas of our own.

We thoroughly enjoying the process of working in collaboration with Will and his creative team. Nothing was too much trouble. There was no end to his patience. He was reassuring in the face of our concerns and really got who we were and what we were trying to achieve. He evoked our commitment and our hard work to achieve the result. He led the process perfectly. The end result speaks for itself and is a testimony to INDIGO Concept’s skills as website designers.

I cannot recommend them highly enough.

− Georgina Noakes, Brightside

Loaded with features...

The new Brightside website has a tonne of features, to name but a few…the incredibly easy-to-use admin area enables the Brightside web administrator to simply update existing and add new content.

The new site features four videos that we commissioned for this project each of which quickly conveys the desired messages to the site visitor (visit the site to see them in action).

In addition the entire site is designed from the ground up to work perfectly on any device that may be viewing it.  This technique is called responsive design and with more people viewing websites on phones and tablets than on desktop computers these days it dramatically improves visitor retention and interaction with your brand.

Take me to the finished project

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