Why you want a web prototype rather than proposal document

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As a web design agency we spend a lot of time writing proposals that will eventually be signed off by the client so that a project can get under way. We have got pretty good at describing in words the visual elements and interactive functionality that the client’s new website will have but it can be difficult to convey these visual concepts in words. This can cause confusion and misunderstanding….enter the prototype.

A web prototype is an interactive demo of a proposed website that can both enable the client to get a good understanding of how the new website will work as well as ensure that both the client and the web design agency are working on the same page. No longer does the client have to try and interpret the web agency’s proposal to grasp what they are proposing…with a prototype they can actually view and interact with it!

Prototyping saves money and time by ensuring at the beginning of the project that everyone agrees to and understands the scope of the project. Additionally providing a prototype early on in a project can dramatically help the client (or their chosen copywriter) by providing a clear understanding of what text and image content will be required before the website can go-live.

An interactive website prototype is not about the ‘look’ of the new site, it is about the functionality and content. Removing the design aspects from this process enables clients and the agency alike to focus on the most important elements of a website project, namely the content and usability.

INDIGO Concept now offers prospective and existing clients the opportunity to have a prototype website built at the start of a project or, if preferred by the client, a prototype can be commissioned as a concept that can then be used to get comparison quotes from multiple web agencies, ensuring you end up comparing like-for-like quotes.

Got a web project coming up? Use our project worksheet to clarify your what you need

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