A new look for INDIGO Concept

By June 30, 2014 News No Comments

Phew…we’ve made it!  For the past few months INDIGO Concept has been undergoing a bit of a transformation.  We now have a new look, a new website and a new name (well sort of…).  Let’s take a deeper look at each of these.

“Drop the THE!”

In the movie ‘The Social Network‘, a film about the beginnings of Facebook, the founders of Facebook (at the time named ‘The Facebook’) meet the founder of Napster who tells them to “Drop the THE“.  Saverin and Zuckerberg take this sage advice and rename the company just Facebook.  Whilst not quite as simple as the movie would have it (it did cost them over $200,000 to purchase the domain facebook.com!) this was a very sensible move.

Whilst we are in no way likening ourselves to the great FB we have also decided to “Drop the THE” and so the company will now be called INDIGO Concept.  To reflect this change we will also be changing our primary domain name and making use of the  new ‘.uk’ extension, thus our web address will be indigoconcept.uk.  The old addresses will continue to work though should this momentous change escape your memory!

Why the hat?

With the new name agreed we decided to make use of the opportunity to update our brand.

For those who have met our MD during the 9 months of the year that warrant wrapping up to protect against our great British weather you can’t fail to have noticed THE HAT!  The classic Aussie accessory seems to be permanently fixed to the top of his head and so when it came to trying to sum up the company with a new and distinctive brand there really was only one choice!  We hope that you like the new-look and do keep your eyes open for the hat as it begins to pop up all over the place…

Well it’s about time too!

Our website….so here’s the thing…you have been keeping us so busy with all of your great website design projects that we have had to neglect our own.  We have been aware for some time now that our primary method of enticing new clients into the fold has been growing (gracefully) old.  Any one who has been in touch with us in the past year or two can not have failed to hear us talking about Responsive Website Design.  A responsive website is one that intelligently detects the screen size of the device that is being used to view it and alters its layout to best suit the available space.  This ensures that a website is just as easy to get around whether your looking at it on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.  For the past 2 years INDIGO Concept have been building this responsive capability into all new client sites as a standard (and at no extra cost to the client!) but for all that time ours has NOT been…rather embarrassing really, especially when we are so passionate about ensuring our sites look great on any device!

The new website is now fully responsive, has a much more up-to-date design and is far more interactive.  We have dramatically reduced the amount of content to provide a clearer message and we really hope you like it. We are just loving having a website that we can be proud of in 2014!

So that’s it…

Every company must, in these modern times, protect their corporate image by ensuring that their online presence is professional and accurate representation of the company.  Ours was beginning to wear a little thin at the edges…how’s yours looking?  We recommend that you take a look at your website with a critical eye too and then give us a call to find out how we can help!