Well deserved new look for building company Bramdean Construction

Bramdean Construction had been struggling on for some time with a very tired website before they chose to get in contact with INDIGO Concept.  Thankfully we were able to turn around their web presence from something they tried to hide to a website they are proud to shout about.  Add to that the fact that the new 'Projects' section is beginning to transform their hit rate and bring in great new leads we are thrilled that they no understand the power of a great website.

Expertise used for this web project.

  • Content Managed
  • Responsive
  • Search Engine Optimised (SEO)

Projects Gallery - great for visitors, even better for SEO

One of the first things we talked to Bramdean Construction about was the implementation of a Projects Gallery.  This, in effect, is a portfolio of previous work that they have done showing before and after shots, a client testimonial and a description of the project itself.  This is great for the visitor as it not only conveys to the potential client the quality of the work done by Bramdean but also can inspire additional work, a nice upsell.

Whilst this is all good news it also performs a secondary function of providing great content for Google to get its teeth into thus greatly improving the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for the site.  With a bit of training Bramdean now understand that when adding a project to the site they should use relevant keywords and phrases in their project title and content, with this now being done they are now getting great, properly targeted, leads from Google.

And what did the client think?

We needed a new, eye-catching website which would reflect the quality of our construction projects and make it easy for potential clients to view our work history. INDIGO Concept achieved this for us giving the website a clear structure that is incredibly easy to navigate and cleverly links all our projects and services together. We now have a website which beautifully showcases our work with the all important before and after images of our completed projects, giving browsers a clear understanding of who Bramdean Construction are and what we do best. The ongoing support and training has been fantastic, enabling us to update and manage our own website whilst safe in the knowledge that INDIGO are just a phone call away if anything goes wrong! Thank you INDIGO Concept – it was a pleasure working with you and we wholeheartedly recommend your services to everyone.

− Rusell Shellard, Bramdean Construction

How is this project 'Responsive', what does it mean?

It used to be oh so simple…the internet was accessed by a computer with a screen and the size of the screen was pretty standardised.  The World has changed!  Now a website can be accessed from any number of devices, desktops, laptops, tablet and smartphones to name but a few.  In fact this year it is expected that viewing of websites on tablets and smartphones will exceed that of a normal computer.  For this reason a modern website HAS to be capable of detecting what screen size is viewing it and intelligently alter its layout to suit that screen/device.

The Bramdean site is 100% responsive, ensuring it looks great whatever device might be being used to view it.  This makes for a much better user experience and as such will be more likely to generate a good quality lead for the company.

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